Christmas Advent Calendar Bucket List

DIY Christmas Advent Calendar Kid’s Bucket List

Tick, tock, tick ,tock.

Here comes December!

The countdown is on for the big Christmas Day!

Aside from Christmas, it’s the last month of the year.

We can say, it’s the last shot at the things we want to do and achieve in the current year.


No pressure, homeys!


This year my kids and I created a simple DIY Advent Calendar Bucket List that will remind us to do some of the things we still want to do as a family before the clock strikes 2023.

It’s not the Y-O-L-O (You Only Live Once) kind of thing but some simple, cute but fun bonding moments for the family to enjoy.

I guess most of these are already common activities with your families but having this sort of list is a good way for us to set aside the crazy day-to-day grind and appreciate and do the little things that matter the most with the family especially during this hectic Christmas season and before 2022 bids goodbye.

And guess what, the kids and I worked together with their creative minds in creating another fun and interactive advent calendar this year which we are happy to share with all of you.

We recycled an advent calendar from the previous year, which excited me the most!

It was my daughter’s idea to reuse the calendar board from last year’s celebration. Isn’t it great?

I can’t help but smile from ear to ear every time they make good choices like this.

Anyways, so much for the intro, and let’s get started with our DIY Christmas Advent Calendar Kid’s Bucket List.


Materials Used:

  1. Old advent calendar
  2. Christmas Gift wrapper
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue or sticky tape
  5. Chocolate treats
  6. Christmas Bucket List Printable
Advent Calendar
Advent Calendar and DIY materials

Download the Free Printable HERE…


Christmas Advent Calendar Bucket List
Christmas Advent Calendar Bucket List FREE PRINTABLE


  1. Watch a movie in the cinema
  2. No phones or gadgets for a day (the whole family)
  3. Go to a Christmas market
  4. YES day! (rules apply)
  5. Family sleep together
  6. Go for a family walk/bike in the nearby park
  7. Kid’s separate dates with mummy and daddy
  8. Ice cream date with the family
  9. Family computer game time
  10. Go for a BBQ Picnic (with water play)
  11. Go to a Christmas village show
  12. Grandparents’ sleepover at our place
  13. Eat at a sushi train restaurant
  14. Do something kind to someone
  15. Go carting
  16. Go star gazing
  17. Eat at a high tea
  18. Bake with grandparents or parents
  19. Make a love letter for grandparents
  20. Watch an old Christmas movie
  21. Decorate Christmas sugar cookies or gingerbread house
  22. Camp in the backyard (eat mango and make s’mores)
  23. Make a reindeer food
  24. Have a photo with Santa

How To:

  1. Cover the calendar with the Christmas gift wrapper. This will freshen up the cover and match your current Christmas theme as you like.
  2. Use tape or glue to attach the wrapper to the calendar.
  3. Download the free Christmas Bucket List printable and cut them into the defined rectangles
  4. Divide the chocolates into 24 and multiply them by the number of kids you wish to include
  5. Insert the chocolates and the bucket list item per day.  Try to make sense of the activity per day.  Explain to your kids that you will try to do the activity on the day if it makes sense but if it doesn’t, you can reschedule them on a more suitable day.  As long as you don’t forget about it!  But, mind you, your kids won’t!


Advent Calendar
Advent Calendar with Chocolates and Bucket List Activities


Advent Calendar
Advent Calendar Christmas Bucket List


Advent Calendar
Christmas Advent Calendar Kid’s Bucket List



Feel free to make your own Christmas Bucket List that will be a sure hit with your kids and the whole family.

Brainstorm with the family and make sure to insert a few surprises for them to look forward to.  Or use the free downloadable printables as is.

Enjoy making your own Christmas Advent Calendar Bucket List this festive season.

Check out another fun and practical Christmas Advent Calendar with Free Printable Riddles on another post.

Have a Merry Advent Making, dear homeys!

Let’s keep thriving,


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