Gift wrapping ideas on a budget

11 Easy Gift Wrapping Ideas on a Budget

Spending less means more creativity.

It’s fun if we can make use of something we already have and turn it into something more useful.

Gifts on special occasions- like Christmas, Easter, Valentines or birthdays, don’t have to be always expensive to look really presentable.

If you are after some simple but great gift wrapping ideas on a budget or you happen to ran out of your usual gift wrappers, see below our home gift wrapping ideas on the best way to wrap presents for Christmas and other special holiday seasons.


 1. Kids’ artworks

A home with playful and imaginative kids means artworks, crafts, and papers everywhere. My kids love writing, drawing, and painting. I display some of their creations on the wall but surely I can’t fit all of them so I thought of using them as gift wrappers for their friends’ birthdays, special events or Christmas without feeling guilty of tipping them in the recyclable bin.

Using the kids’ artworks as gift wrappers give them a sense of pride and add personal thoughts and touches to the gifts you are giving away.

You can either use the artwork as it is or decorate it with some plain or coloured paper, washi tape, and some gift bows for a complete finish.


Coles better bag recycled as gift wrapper2. Repurposed shopping plastic bags

Paper bags as gift holders are already a thing.

But plastic bag as gift wrapper…why not?

During the lockdown period, I have collected loads of grocery bags from our local grocery shop – Coles.  As part of their COVID online shopping measures, online shoppers are required to be supplied with new reusable bags – Coles better bags.

So, I thought of repurposing some of them as gift wrappers.

The plastic bag will also serve as handy wrapper for round or odd-shaped items which are often very tricky to wrap compared to square or rectangular boxes.


3. Keep it simple then accentuate using …

Make use of those used or unused copy paper and accentuate it with whatever you can find in your home. This wrapping showcases organic look and true elegance, rightful to the saying less is more.

Plain paper with jute and leaves3.1 Just jute and leaves

Jute is an inexpensive way to accentuate any gifts or crafts. Coupled it with a freshly picked herb or stem of leaves from your garden, your special person will surely appreciate your personal touch of creativity.



Plain paper with washi tape and ribbon3.2 Washi tape and ribbon

Washi tapes are decorative adhesive tapes or masking tapes originated from Japan.

Washi is a Japanese word which means Wa – Japanese and Shi– Paper. It is made out of rice paper and rubber adhesive and is very versatile. This tape can be used for crafting, journaling, and other artsy applications.

They do come with pretty designs. They help accentuate and bring together a very pale white copy paper and ribbon to present a gift.


Herbs and twigs gift wrapping3.3 Tweak it with herbs and twigs

If you go outdoor, in your garden or a park, you can get some herbs or twigs that you can use for your arts and crafts project. Twigs can also add a rustic and elegant look for your finished gift product. You can secure them on the gifts by using rubber bands.



Gift wrapping with buttons3.4 Cute as a button

Do you have extra buttons you keep but never use? How about using it as accents to bring glamour to your gifts.

Just a reminder here to make sure not to use them to wrap gifts for kids to avoid the potential hazard of choking the little ones.




Ordinary wrapper with jute rope4.  Use regular or ordinary wrappers

One of the ways to save money is to use an all-purpose gift wrapper that you can use all year round.

I bought a trio wrapper from Ikea with a simple design and I use them on all occasion. No need for me to stock-specific wrappers as this type of wrappers are multi-purpose.


Furoshiki gift wrap5. Finish it with a Furoshiki wrap

If you want to stay away from papers and bags and wish to recycle cloth into a wrap… you can make use of the “Furoshiki” method.

Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese practice of using squares of fabric for wrapping and carrying things.



Gift wrapping with pocket6. Prepare gift with a pocket

Another funky and inexpensive way of presenting gifts is wrapping them with a built-in pocket.

This will serve as the holder for your gift cards, notes or letters for your special people. This style works well with rectangular shaped wrapping.



Brow paper gift wrapping7. Beyond the brown paper

It can’t be denied online shopping has been a thing even prior pandemic. Goods bought online are often securely packed and shipped to our houses with boxes filled with bubble wraps and papers.

I love recycling the wrinkled brown paper for my kids’ arts and crafts and that includes my crafts too for gift wrapping.


Paper towel gift wrapping8. Present gift with a paper towel

A cute alternative for copy paper gift wrapping is a paper towel.

It mostly has pretty embossed prints that give a stylish look fit for a gift wrapper alternative.



Paper towel tube gift wrapper9. Tune with a tube (tissue or paper towel tube)

A cute way to present your presents for small items or small elongated items is with the use of tissue or paper towel tube. Decorate it with burlap or jute rope to have a classy finished look.

NOTE: If you are to use a toilet tube, make sure to sanitize them before use (e.g. spraying disinfectant) or resort to a much hygienic option by using a paper towel tube.


Handmade Christmas paper bag10. Make your own paper bag

Another substitute for wrapping odd-shaped gifts are handmade paper bags. You can either use your old gift wrappers or you can use your kids’ artworks and shape them like a bag.



Aluminium foil gift wrapping11. Allure with aluminium foil

A striking option for gift wrapping in the absence of a wrapper is an aluminium foil. Yes, that’s right. The foil you use in your kitchen. It’s a cool and flexible wrapping option if you run out of your usual gift wrapper. You can finish it off with ribbons, jute ropes, or washi tapes.





There are so many ways to be creative when things get short in terms of resources, budget, and time. Each of the above gift wrapping ideas can be incorporated into each other. Just choose the style that best suits your theme.

Do you have your own go-to gift wrapping idea? Please share it in the comment section below.

Have fun wrapping your special presents for your special loved ones!

Happy holidays, homeys!


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