Happy Haunting Decorations

Wholesome Fun Halloween Activities for Kids

Scary but fun! That’s Halloween rolled into one.

Tracing back history, there has been a massive change in how we celebrate Halloween over the years, from religious or cultural traditions to festive celebrations.

And we know with this kind of festivities, kids (and the kids at heart) are the most excited ones to make the most of this occasion.

Are you ready to feel the roller coaster ride of the Halloween season?

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog post.

Stay put and have fun entertaining your kids with these wholesome fun Halloween activities at home and outside your home.

● Decorate for Halloween

Halloween is one of those days your kids will enjoy decorating before your home is going to be filled with red, gold, and green (common Christmas colors). You can either buy ready-made inexpensive decors or DIY your own.

Check out these sample ready-made Halloween decors.
Check out these sample DIY Halloween decors.


Happy Halloween Decorations
Happy Halloween Decorations


● Prepare Halloween food decorations

Kids are visual eaters. Making their usual snacks or meals a little bit more exciting could help break the boredom. Get them involved in preparing these fun Halloween decorating yummy treats.

Check out these sample DIY Halloween foods.

Halloween Food Ideas
Halloween Food Ideas


●Organize a Halloween costume party

When my kids are young, I enjoy dressing them up in Halloween costumes but now that they are bigger, they don’t enjoy dressing up as much.

But, organizing a Halloween costume party or just a casual dress-up with your friends, family, or your neighborhood is one of those Halloween activities that will always be a fun hit during this holiday season.

Halloween kids costume
Halloween kids costume


● Halloween Scavenger hunt

This is my kids’ favorite fun activity during Halloween or other special holidays. They find it thrilling to hunt for the next clue until they reach the final hunt.
I know it’s a bit of work to make from scratch, so to save you from it, you can DOWNLOAD FREE HALLOWEEN SCAVENGER HUNT CLUES here.

Free Printable - Halloween Scavenger Hunt Clues
Hometiculous Free Printable – Halloween Scavenger Hunt Clues


Halloween Scavenger Hunt Clues
Halloween Scavenger Hunt Clues


● Create Halloween craft ornaments

Crafting is fun for kids, big or small. There are different types of crafting activities you can consider to entertain your kids during this season.

One of the most popular ornaments to make during this season is Jack- O’-Lantern.

Check out how to make a pumpkin carving here.

Jack O'Lantern
DIY Jack O’Lantern


● Watch Halloween movies or shows

Growing up in the Philippines, I remember looking forward to watching scary movies and shows during Halloween. One of the Halloween special shows we look forward to watching is this news magazine program “Magandang Gabi Bayan” which showcased elementals, white ladies, or horror stories that would give you goosebumps and a pounding heart.

But, since my kids wouldn’t be able to bear watching those, we will just stick to the usual chill type of Halloween movies and shows:

Spirited Away
The Addam’s Family
Hotel Transylvania
Hotel Transylvania 2
Hotel Transylvania 3
Ghosts Busters Answer the Call
Gnome Alone
Scooby Doo


● Trick or treat

Do you trick or do you treat? Definitely, kids love treats!

Trick or Treat is a popular Halloween tradition that has its origins in the ancient Celtic practices of “souling” or “disguising.”

It is a popular activity among neighborhoods where kids knock on the doors and ask for treats (like lollies, candies, or chocolates), and if treats are not given they are expected to perform mischief to the owner of the house.  But, over the years, as we know this has just become a “treat-ing” experience for the kids to collect and enjoy sweets.


Happy Halloween
Trick or Treat Halloween Bucket


● Attend your neighborhood spooky activities

Check out your neighborhood for Halloween events or parties online or at your nearest event centers.

Below are some of Melbourne’s (and its surroundings) Halloween events this weekend that you may be interested to attend.

Happy Halloween, homeys!

Have fun Halloween-ing with your kids!

Continue creating boo-tiful memories with your family and kids!


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