Hometiculous Grocery List (Free Printables)

Hey, sweety, what are we running out of in the pantry?

Could you please check the fridge if we still have milk?

Oh, I forgot to buy cheese!

I did not know we have too many extras of yogurt!

Oh no, expired goods again!

Enough of the cry my friend.  Get this simple but very helpful list to help you get organized with your weekly or regular grocery shopping.


Grocery List Template
Grocery List Sample and Template


Ann of Hometiculous

I am a busy mummy of 2 and a wifey to one. I am very careful when it comes to the needs of my family and home. I am particularly lazy to look for things and thoroughly crazy to do everything that’s why I am thankful for organizing. I am a certified meticulous when it comes to anything that involves effort, time, and money at home and beyond our home. In my spare time (if I am lucky), I engrossed myself reading, experimenting in the kitchen, exploring my tiny little garden, learning and saving from DIYs.

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