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Ann of Hometiculous

I am a busy mummy to 2 and a wifey to one. I am very careful when it comes to the needs of my family and home. I am particularly lazy to look for things and thoroughly crazy to do everything that’s why I am thankful for organizing. I am a certified meticulous when it comes to anything that involves effort, time, and money at home and beyond our home. In my spare time (if I am lucky), I engrossed myself reading, experimenting in the kitchen, exploring my tiny little garden, learning and saving from DIYs.

3 thoughts on “Hometiculous Quote Wall – 2021 Inspirational Quote Collections”

  1. beautiful, practical and applicable quotes, most if not all ! Thank you.

    PS this is the first time i made this comment.,contrary to the reaction when i clicked “post comment”

    1. Ann of Hometiculous

      Thank you Leonor for taking the time to drop by at Hometiculous quote wall. I love inspirational quotes. They remind me and inspire me to be the person I need to be.

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