Quote Wall

Inspirational Quotes

Have you ever felt so lost? Down? Scared? Discouraged?

And by just a moment of reading words of wisdom, like inspirational quotes or sayings, those bleak moods suddenly go away.

Yes, like magic!!!

Inspirational or motivational quotes are powerful tools to push us further to become the best version of ourselves.

They are like imaginary confidante that will make us feel better and help us realize things from a different perspective.

Usually, quotes that are relevant to us at a very particular moment will hit deep down our core better than the ones that are not.  It’s like reading someone’s post on social media and it will feel like their feed is talking to us directly.

In this tiny space of this website, I am sharing with you my favourite weekly quotes that help me get throughout my day, week or life in general. I hope these motivational quotes will inspire you, too, the way they inspire me.

I dedicate this page to my Little Buddy who suggested to me  to create a “quote wall” to share my weekly inspirations.

Feel free to hang out on this wall and share your thoughts and comments in the comment section below.

Let’s keep inspiring one another.

Happy reading!