Just a Little Bit More About Me…

Hi there! My name is Ann. I am the voice behind Hometiculous.

I am the lady of the house who dots the i’s and crosses the t’s day in and day out to bring comfort, harmony, viability, and most importantly fun to our home. But hey, I am not alone… I’ve got my main and little sidekicks doing their dots and crosses too.

I am a Filipina mum living in Melbourne Australia since 2007. 

I was born and raised in the Philippines from a humble home.  I am the 3rd child of 6.  Growing up, I was well acquainted with all the household chores and responsibilities. 

I have a clear recollection of happy (and sometimes inevitably lousy) shared chores with my brothers and sisters whilst my parents were busy making a living. This setup educated me on the value of collaborative homemaking and the pleasure of families working together.

I am a wife to my ever so supportive and gentle hubby. 

He is my human pompom quietly cheering me both at my best and my worst. He is the meticulous man looking after the visuals of this blog site and my social media networks. So if you see damn good quality photos… that is definitely his crafty hands doings! If not, that’s just me fiddling with my humble phone.

We are blessed with lovely yin and yang kids, Little Buddy and Little Missy, who are little meticulous homemakers in the making.

Hometiculous Family

Ever since, I am a huge fan of routines, planners, checklist, charts, and labels… 

which help me to keep my days in check and most importantly help me to keep my cool and sanity while taking care of the family and my day to day busy-ness.

I remembered from my early awakened years that I have this meticulous behaviour which was intensified when I had my own family.  This particular nature evolved as I cruise along with motherhood while making a home and making a living at the same time.

Before becoming a mum, I was thorough on things that were quite superficial and gratified by the “just because I feel like” type of reasoning. 

Motherhood and homemaking have paved the way of my meticulousness (in a more meaningful light) towards sensibility and practicality.

I have learned to attend to details that matter the most.

When it comes to specifics of my profession, I consider myself lucky to earn not just one but a couple more expertise from several industries.

For 17 years, I worked as an electronics engineer, as a college instructor, as an office administrator, as an operational and strategic procurement expert.  

I enjoyed and learned a lot from those varying fields.  

Now, I am cautiously using those skills that I learned to my evergreen profession as the mindful homemaker of our beloved home.

Whilst starting and raising a young family together with my wonderful hubby…

I hustled full time for almost 10 years in a multinational conglomerate company which honed my talents.  In return, I helped to streamline their processes, defined procurement strategies, and implemented savings to contribute to the company.  These undertakings reflected the things that I cherish doing every single day at home.

In 2019, I made one of the hardest decisions I ever made when I took some time off from the corporate world to do a bit of self-searching and to spend time with the family especially with our growing kids.  

I have always been an active go-getter career type of person. 

You can imagine the immense fear I felt (at that moment) in taking that leap of faith. Little did I know it’s going to be the best decision ever and a decision that was worth everything.

The current pandemic climate made it too obvious for me to realize that perhaps NOW is the perfect time to try a long-yearning dream. A dream that I have never thought of realizing…

Now, I am amusing myself talking to you with this long-desired interest in online journaling. I hope we can share thoughts and learn from each other through this blog.

Yes, I finally gave in to give birth to this blog called HOMETICULOUS. 

Thanks for keeping me company. I greatly appreciate it!
I aim to be of value to you in little ways I can.