Phalaenopsis Orchids

The Test of Time

Nature’s beauty always reminds me to gracefully stand the TEST OF TIME.

PATIENCE coupled with HARD WORK and CONSISTENCY can bear fruits.

I don’t have to know everything now, I learn as I go.

These Phalaenopsis

were over 1-year-old birthday gifts given to me by my “Ate” (big sister) and close friend.  They were bloomed in their full glories when they entered my home. As expected, the flowers and buds started to fall off after a month or so but they were still in tip-top shape.
However, when we went on holidays for 6 weeks in Dec 2019, their elegance had worn off. This was the time when the unusual intense bushfire/s hit many parts of Australia. 
Phalaenopsis Orchids Oct 2019

How lucky I was… 

days before our long-awaited holidays, a friend offered to look after some of my delicate plants including these “phals”. Even under the care of someone, these beauties struggled to survive. Imagine when they were left home alone by themselves!

 After coming back from holidays, I was determined to bring their charms back (together with the other plants that suffered from the hot spell of that summer). Unarmed with “how-to-care or revive Phalaenopsis, I patiently watered and checked them as needed, maybe sometimes more than as required.

To my surprise…

a couple of buds started to sprout and flowers started to bloom half a year after they wilted.  Reminding me of how they were when they first entered my care.
Truth be told, I did not expect them to bloom again. I should have taken photos of their naked and lousy states after that black summer so you would have a better picture of the in-between state.
Patience and consistently watering and checking them indeed paid off.
Phalaenopsis blooming 1

Inspired by these beauties…

I will equip myself with more information than my basic 101 orchid lesson. I will fertilize them and repot the big one to give way for additional family members to beautify our home.
What’s your orchid story? 
Or plant story that green-spires you every day?

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