Best Version of Me

DIY Vision Board – Best Version of Me

Do you want a fun way to visualise what you want to be and have in life?

Do you want to achieve your heart’s desires?

Do you know what these famous people – Oprah Winfrey, Ellen Degeneres, and Will Smith have in common?

It’s the way they envision things.

Through a vision board.

They believe in the manifestation of their dreams through boards that remind them of how to action their desires and aspirations.

It is a simple yet powerful tool anyone can create to help them meet the best version of themselves.


Best Version of Me
“Best Version of Me” Vision Board

 What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a tool that helps you visualise your goals and dreams, and it is created by collecting images, quotes, affirmations, and other items that represent your aspirations. It is a visual representation of your desired future or ideal self, and it helps to clarify your goals, boost motivation, and increase focus. The process of creating a vision board also allows you to reflect on what you truly want in life and helps you to manifest these desires into reality.

Let me show you how to map your way to meeting the best version of yourself by using plain but mighty tools that are already available in your own home.


How to create a DIY Vision Board on a budget:

Materials needed:

  • Old magazines, newspapers, catalogues or books
  • Pair of scissors
  • Glue/blu tack
  • A4 paper (optional)
  • Board – felt, cork, magnetic – I use a 43cm x 43cm felt board
  • Push pins for felt; cork board magnets for magnetic boards; blu tack for cardboard


Magazine Cut-outs for Vision Board

Steps to Make a DIY Vision Board:

1. Define your vision board style – full of colours, monochromatic, more words or more photos.

2. Define the vision categories you want to focus on.
You may use the categories I used with this vision board exercise.


Faith and Family

Related topics include faith, beliefs, relationships, love, personal, and community

Faith and Family Vision Board
Faith and Family Vision Board


Health and Home

Related topics include green and mindful living, organised home, travel, and adventure

Health and Home Vision Board
Health and Home Vision Board


Mindset Growth and Money

Related topics include work and career, finance, business, and education

Mindset Growth and Money Vision Board
Mindset Growth and Money Vision Board


Vision Boosters

Includes favourite affirmations or quotes to boost and inspire you to be the best version of yourself.


3. Define the size of the boards you are using. This will help you know the number of cutouts or photos you can include on your board.

4. Write down important keywords for each category. These will be your guidewords in looking for your cutout.

5. Browse magazines or catalogues and cut out words that are relevant cues for each category of your vision boards. You can mix and match words or letters to create the exact words or phrases of your visuals. Collect as many or as few cutouts as you like dependent on the board space you have.

6. For a more powerful visual, you can add photos relevant to each category that will inspire you more to achieve your goals.

7. Lay the cutouts and photos and position them on the board. You can use pins if you are working on a cork or felt boards or magnets on a magnetic board. You can also glue them (which will be more of a permanent fix) or just use blu tack which you can remove and reposition if you opt to work on cardboard.

8. Enhance your board by adding decoration or embellishments such as garlands or lighting.

9. Congratulations! Be proud of your creation. You are a few steps away from achieving your goals.

10. Display the board on a wall you can regularly see (on your command wall, study wall, or wherever you can be reminded often).


Use this board to constantly meet the best version of yourself!

Happy D-I-Y-ing!!!

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