Why I decided to blog?

Blogging has been a persisting thought in my mind for the longest time. 

I was just doing snippets of it through my social media accounts only when I felt like but it was lacking drive. 

Some friends encouraged me to give it a go but I haven’t had the guts to do so. 

However, things changed of late, especially in this pandemic climate. 

So, I stopped thinking and started my strategy of doing things.

These are my reasons why I decided to give this wishful thinking a go:

  • To have a creative channel to free my inner chatterbox – I enjoy reading honest and creative blogs and I hope to write honest and creative blogs as well and be better and comfortable at it.
  • To be present for my family and my growing kids while doing the things I enjoy doing. 
  • To be busy and productive at the same time – Well, I have a little secret here…this blog will be my good excuse giving hubby a bit of a push to tick the boxes of my growing TO-DO List of projects at home.   Ssshhh, it’s our little secret, Ok? 
  • To share and learn twice over – I have come to realize this when I had a short stint as a college instructor. Then, I appreciated it more when I earned expertise in different fields.  I was able to share my knowledge to other people from different levels in the organization. The more I share, the more I learn.
  • To provide comfort to those who may be in the same situation as I am, as a busy working mummy, as a wifey, or as a primary homey to a growing family.
  • To overcome my fears – fear of the unknown, fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of not being able to manage it, fear of being more accessible online…endless fears there are.  It is scary but it did not stop me.
  • To be inspired and to learn something new from the whole experience and from other people’s perspectives too.
  • To have something that would excite me in my waking hours every single day. Unsure if this could be the ‘THING’ that I’ve been subconsciously looking for but I want to try. 

I can go on and on for more reasons but these convinced me to wake up and give this pipe dream a crack.